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A large majority of my business is conducted through the telephone, but I also offer face to face readings, private parties, corporate events, and email readings. For those interested, home for me is in Southpointe, Pennsylvania (just outside Pittsburgh). Receiving psychic insight varies from person to person but I assure you that my connection to your energy will be the same regardless of the mode of communication you choose. You can expect our reading to be honest, helpful, loving and thorough. I have a proven track record of accurate predictions, helpful insight, and a reputation beyond reproach.

Typical energy readings (getting over an ex, working through workplace drama, and family issues) are priced at two rates which can be found below. Unfortunately, I do not read the energies of those who have passed on, so for anybody looking to contact a deceased family member, I must ask that you look elsewhere.

Reading details - BOOK a session

Phone Readings: $75/hr
Face to Face Readings: $150/hr

*As a rule of thumb, if you’re from a different state, you will be charged for travel, accommodations, and the standard $150/hr fee.

Private Parties - Request more information

For those in the Pittsburgh area, private parties are typically charged at $35 per person per hour with a minimum of five people ($175/hr). Those with specific needs should feel free to contact me via email with any questions or concerns. For those outside the Pittsburgh area, expect to pay for travel and accommodations in addition to the standard fee.

Corporate Events - Request more information

For events in the Pittsburgh area, my standard rate is $500/hr. For those events outside the Pittsburgh area, expect to pay for travel and accommodations in addition to the standard fee.

Email readings - Send your question

Email readings are charged at $20 per question. Please feel free to supply as much background information as you feel is necessary, background info will not be charged. I will send payment information as a response before any answers are given and all questions will be answered within one business day from the day they were received.

Deadly encounters - Request more information

Curses, possessions, and anything relating to demons and the occult starts at $500an hour and are handled on a case by case basis depending on the severity and team needed.

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