August 30, 2019

Why don't psychics play the lottery?

Why don’t psychics play the lottery?

It’s a fun question. As a professional psychic for the past 10 years in Pittsburgh, I’ve had a lot of these questions posed to me. Why don’t psychics play the lottery? Why don’t psychics gamble more? Why don’t psychics stop crimes? The list goes on. While I can’t speak for every psychic, I think that this answer needs to start with an important definition--

Psychics see the outcomes of events in your life, not every detail of every path to get there.

When I sit across from a client in Canonsburg or Bridgeville, I don’t know exactly which roads they drove on to get there. I don’t know if they’re coming in a Bugatti or a Kia, but I do know that they’re coming and that we will have some form of meaningful communication. This doesn’t mean that I don’t get surprised, but I do have a keener sense of what will happen that day than most of the people around me. This is why, when asked about relationship questions, I’m able to tell a person if things will work out or not. It’s also why we’re able to give such powerful advice about careers and families, kids and friendships-- we know where your life will be if you continue on your path. To this end, I also have a pretty good idea if the person I’m sitting across from WILL or WILL NOT hit the lottery-- I just can’t tell them which numbers to play.

It’s also important to mention that there are laws that PREVENT us from giving you specific financial advice. As psychics, we are not allowed to pose or lead you to believe that we are career professionals like financial advisors, doctors, therapists, or priests. Even if I did know which numbers you should play, I legally wouldn’t be allowed to give you that level of specific financial advice. In the same way, I cannot tell you which treatment path you should explore for your health condition, which church you should go to for help, or which stocks to invest in when the market opens tomorrow.

Of course we use our gifts to help ourselves.

I had a very successful career in sales before I started The Psychic Mike, and I continue to take on contract sales positions from time to time if I see that they’ll be lucrative enough. I’m spiritual, but that doesn’t mean money doesn’t motivate me. There is a morally compelling factor against using psychic ability in places like casinos and competitive events, but that hasn’t stopped me in the past. For me, I’m happy with the money I make and what I do for a living enough to justify staying away from chasing my gifts for profit. I’m comfortable, my family is happy, and that’s all I need for now.

So, psychics don’t play the lottery because we don’t know how to win any better than you do. What other questions have you heard or would you like to know the answers to? Feel free to hit me up on Facebook or Twitter, comment on this article or send me an email to Better yet, schedule a reading today to see how I can guide you towards a better financial future!

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