June 26, 2017

How To Get Motivated -- Psychic Advice!

Motivation is the first step towards success.

Whether you're a nationally recognized artist or a student struggling with the thought of a new semester, motivation can be an elusive commodity. I'm Psychic Mike, and as a business owner I can tell you that getting motivated is absolutely essential for long-term success and mental stability. Wouldn't it be nice to find the motivation you need to finish that old project? How about finding the energy to learn a new language, go back to school or make some extra money? Throughout this article I'll be teaching all of you the methods psychics and oracles have prescribed for centuries to motivate world leaders and common folk alike.


Step One: Commit, Don't Compare.


The biggest motivation killer is comparison. When I started my business, I found myself unmotivated, even depressed, when I compared the measly two clients I had to the hundreds of satisfied customers that my competitors flaunted. It’s humiliating to accept that despite hard work and determination sometimes we still don't have as much as our peers. We can work twice as hard, be a dozen times more determined and a hundred times smarter than those who are richer and more successful than ourselves, but the moment we compare, we lose the motivation to keep going. Maybe you decide you'll just take a nap and go to the gym later, maybe you go from thirty minutes a day down to ten, maybe you even lie to people about your success. None of the excuses you make up matter, because all you're doing is killing your motivation. Any goal you set has to come from within yourself and it must be purely selfish in nature. You didn't decide to lose fifteen pounds because Mary weighs less, you made that decision for yourself, so don’t worry about what Mary has. Commit to your goals, don't compare yourself to others and lose your motivation.


Step Two: Be Realistic.


Some of you will remember this advice from my seminar in Washington back in May, and if you weren’t there you can feel free to schedule a private reading with me by clicking here. I call it the twenty-four hour rule, and it’s about as simple as it sounds. If you can't do something to get closer to completing your goal in the next twenty-four hours, you need a new goal. Setting realistic goals is an excellent method for getting motivated. A perfect example is making more money. For most of us, there's nothing we can do in the next twenty-four hours to make more money, but if we'd set our goal to get a better job, we can certainly apply for one in that time. If your goals aren't realistic, you'll never accomplish them, and you'll never get motivated. Setting a healthy, new, goal will spur motivation immediately.


Step Three: Get Help.


It can be really hard to ask for help! Getting a reading from a psychic, asking somebody who has been through something similar or talking to a trusted friend can be a great way to inspire and motivate you to accomplish your goal and overcome adversity.


So what are you waiting for? Schedule a reading and get motivated today!

Psychic Mike

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