December 8, 2017

Holiday Message

Being in the spirituality industry, I often find myself repeating the same advice. Whether the issue is romantic, financial, or wellness related, there are really only two things that we can control to have a meaningful impact on our futures. The advice seems simple, truly, and while this piece of wisdom surely won’t surprise anybody, it can lead to the betterment and healing of any situation.

Understand that you have control over only your actions and your perspective, that the rest is out of your control.

We live in an age where the illusion of power is rampant. We’re led to believe that we can choose from a hundred different places to order pizza within the same city block, that we choose what we do for a living and that we’ll choose who we marry, when really circumstance dictates most of these things for us. The notion that we can somehow control the world beyond the tips of our own noses often leads to more confusion and chaos then we can handle on our own, and we must at some point understand the world around us is fundamentally uncontrollable. In the role of a psychic, I help people by showing them the natural course of their energy and give them insights as to what they can expect from the future, but this is in no way a magical phenomenon. In truth, most people have the ability to hone their intuition to the point of mine or any other gifted psychic, but most people choose not to pursue it.

Ignorance is a kind and benevolent guise, often worn by those too intelligent to venture carelessly into the world of knowledge, but ignorance on this subject can lead to emotional difficulty, anxiety, and oftentimes severe depression. Here’s an example from a client of mine to illustrate my point exactly.

“Kelly” is a fake name, and this article was written with the express consent of the person I’m describing. If this situation sounds similar to something we’ve discussed before and you did not explicitly give me permission in writing to use your circumstance as an example, rest assured that it is not about you and the relation is strictly coincidental.

Kelly came to me a number of months ago after her husband left her in the middle of their marriage. They’d been together for fifteen years, married for a little over half, and he simply woke in the middle of the night, packed his bags, and left Kelly and her children with no inkling of what had led to his decision. She tried hopelessly to reach him by phone, she tried contacting mutual friends and family members, nobody had known what happened. Obviously, Kelly contacted the police first and filed a missing persons report. When the responding officers found her husband, they were able to only tell her that he was safe and would prefer she didn’t contact him. Weeks later, she was served with divorce papers and was thrown into a heated legal battle. That’s when Kelly reached out to me.

Difficult position, isn’t it? Imagining myself in Kelly’s circumstance, the pain and despair was palpable, but events like this happen all the time. I hear about them every day. Kelly’s circumstance was an extreme example, but I found myself repeating those same words to even her. You have control over your actions and your perspective, and the rest in uncontrollable.

Thankfully, I was able to give Kelly good news and help guide her actions to a reunion with her husband (along with a pleading apology by him), but in Kelly’s greatest moment of need it was truly hearing that she had no control which allowed her to come to grips with her emotion. See, if you somehow fool yourself into thinking that you could have done something differently to lead a certain person in your life to acting a certain way, then you’ll be devastated when they behave badly. The truth is, we all make mistakes and from time to time, we’re all really mean, and that’s part of being a fallible human. However, if you can master the difficult practice of echoing those words in your thoughts, you’ll realize that your actions and your perspective are your best friends.

We do have influence over our surroundings and circumstance, but we have no control over these things, and that’s okay. Life is short, fun, and exciting, but only if you allow it to be. Falling victim to the illusion of control can be troubling, and I’m always available to help any of you struggling with it. Love and light to you all, and a very Merry Christmas!

Psychic Mike

Psychic Mike

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